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Effective Home Staging Tips for FSBO Sellers

For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listings are properties sold directly by the owner. Sellers often choose this route to save on the commission fees typically paid to a seller’s agent and to personally manage the marketing, showings, negotiations, and paperwork. FSBO sellers usually offer to pay a buyer’s agent, saving about 3% of their sales price overall.

FSBO properties typically make up about 7-10% of all active listings.

Understanding the FSBO Mindset

Before contacting a FSBO prospect, it’s crucial to understand their perspective:

  • Have they successfully sold their own home in the past?
  • Are they confident in their negotiating skills?
  • Do they have assistance from someone in the industry?

Approach each FSBO homeowner with an open mind and a willingness to learn about their situation. Engage in conversations to uncover their concerns and frustrations, as well as where they might need help.

Building Relationships with FSBO Homeowners

Avoid asking to list their home initially. Instead, acknowledge their concerns and offer helpful solutions and suggestions without expecting to secure their business immediately. Demonstrating your value as an agent through genuine assistance will help FSBO homeowners recognize your professional worth.


Daily FSBO Lead Searches

Search the following sites DAILY:

    Visit website here
    Visit website here
    Visit website here
  • Facebook Groups
    Search for local FSBO sites and review new posts daily.
  • Local Classifieds

Confirm the address is not listed on the MLS before making your initial call.

FSBO lead services can build a list and track down addresses and phone numbers for you, typically charging a monthly fee with an easy-out cancellation policy.

  • Vulcan7®
    Visit website here
  • REDX™
    Visit website here
  • ELead Network™
    Visit website here

FSBO Package Contents

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment to view the home, leave a FSBO Package with them. If a preview appointment can’t be scheduled, deliver the package within two days of your initial call. Don't have a FSBO package? Allow our team to hand craft one for you!

A FSBO Package should include:

  1. Intro Letter

    • Acknowledge why they’re choosing to sell on their own.
    • Offer to be a resource, regardless of whether they choose to work with you.
    • Include unique details of your home selling system.
  2. Agent Resume

    • Provide information about yourself professionally and personally.
  1. A My Services vs Theirs Comparison

    • Compare your services with those of a standard agent.
    • List every type of marketing service your brokerage provides.
  2. "Preparing Your Home to Sell" Handout

    • Offer a checklist to ensure they haven’t missed anything before listing as a FSBO.

Marketing Calendar for FSBO Listings

Week 1:

Skipping the first week can be advantageous as homeowners are often inundated with contacts from agents during this period. Start your marketing efforts in week two.

Week 2:

  • Monday: Call #1 - Introduction | First Call

    • Schedule a preview appointment.
    • Find out if the FSBO seller is buying a new home in the area and offer your services.
  • Tuesday: Email #1 - FSBO Prospecting Letter

    • Send a letter mentioning you tried to reach them by phone and attach helpful FSBO guides.
  • Wednesday: Drop Off FSBO Packet

    • Deliver a packet with FSBO tips, a sample purchase agreement, and your business card.
  • Thursday: Call #2 - Follow-Up Call

    • Follow up to see if they received the packet and if they have any questions.
  • Friday: Social Media Engagement

    • Engage with the homeowner on social media.

Week 3:

  • Monday: Call #3 - Service Offer Call

    • Offer a free market analysis or home evaluation.
  • Tuesday: Email #2 - Value Email

    • Provide valuable information such as a market update or home staging tips.
  • Wednesday: Drop By - Quick Visit

    • Check if there are any updates or if they need further assistance.
  • Thursday: Call #4 - Problem-Solving Call

    • Address any problems or questions they have encountered. Offer solutions or professional advice.
  • Friday: Social Media Follow-Up

    • Continue engaging with their social media posts about the home.

Preparing Your Home to Sell: Checklist

The condition of the home can significantly affect its appeal. This checklist offers a systematic approach to enhancing the home’s sales appeal:

(You can download a PDF Version of this checklist for easy printing here!)

  1. Clean and Declutter

    • Thoroughly clean the entire home, including carpets, windows, and walls.
    • Remove personal items and excess furniture to make rooms look larger.
  2. Repairs and Maintenance

    • Fix any leaks, broken fixtures, and other minor repairs.
    • Ensure all lights and appliances are working.
  3. Enhancements

    • Consider painting rooms in neutral colors.
    • Enhance curb appeal with landscaping and a fresh coat of paint on the front door.
  4. Staging

    • Arrange furniture to maximize space and highlight the home’s best features.
    • Add touches like fresh flowers, clean towels, and tasteful decor.
  5. Final Touches

    • Ensure the home is well-lit for showings.
    • Keep the home at a comfortable temperature.


Following these tips will ensure that you sell more homes and provide a lot more value to FSBO sellers. Get in touch with our team here at Desert West Digital and let us help you come up with a custom FSBO system!